Tom Osborn
Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Underwater 

Born in Dorset, live in Bristol. Picked up a camera at 10. Learned to scuba dive at 15. Ran a marathon in under 5 hours. Completed a Triathlon. Lived on 4 continents. Never been fired. Renovated a flat. Built an igloo. Raised abandoned puppies in Egypt.  Managed an underwater movie studio in The Philippines. Hiked up mountains. Scuba dived to 100 meters. Stood on icebergs. Walked through deserts. Sweated through jungles. Written articles for dive magazines. Worked backstage in theatres. Faced off with a Bull. Bitten by a clown fish. Have swam with Sperm whales. Flown drone with vultures. Been face to face with Brown Bears. Filmed arctic foxes in blizzards at -20 degrees. Filmed camels in Africa at +50 degrees. Dodged falling trees in an old forest. Scuba dived all over the world. Learnt to surf at 11 and still surf like a kook. Wear flip flops as much as possible. Free dived the Atlantic in winter with just speedos and a moustache. Thrive on a challenge. Enjoy working in a team or alone. Have travelled to 46 out of 195 countries on the planet. Love an adventure. Hate being late.